The Importance of being visible as a brand: Traditional vs Digital Media

October 30, 2020





If ever the world needed convincing on how visibility is vital to brands, 2020 was the year that taught us this lesson, willingly or otherwise.

In recent times, the world has taken a paradigm shift from traditional to digital media. We live in a world where we now get news from our social feeds, learn new skills, advertise, and virtually do everything online.

Brands are now investing heavily in digital efforts due to the burgeoning online population. This has sparked a hot debate; “ Is traditional media dead?”

The simple and unbiased answer is no. We live in a world of different generations; the baby boomers – the analog generation, millennials- a combination of analog and digital and the Gen Z – digital aka “Tik Tok” generation. All approach communication differently.

For brands, depending on the target audience, having a well-established, cohesive, and visible brand presence using both traditional and digital media should be a no-brainer.

Visibility is the cheat sheet to brand success. It is an important aspect of establishing a business because the public needs to know you exist before they can even consider buying your product or services.

How to gain the most visibility? The use of both traditional and digital efforts. Successful brands today have mastered the art of integrated marketing, using both traditional and digital media.

We still have a good percentage of the population that listens to the radio, watches TV, reads the newspapers, etc. Not forgetting the use of static and video billboards that we all see, without much choice really. This combination of both traditional and digital is an approach brands wanting success should consider. Take Apple for example.

Apple has been consistent in delivering a consistent, cohesive, and integrated marketing strategy that cuts across the board with its storefronts and online marketing, targeting a larger population. You see Apple when you walk down the street and when you go online.

The lesson here is to do what works. If traditional advertising still works for your target audience, don’t drop it. Also, ensure to incorporate digital media elements for guaranteed success.


written by
Taonga Kaonga
Account Manager
Taonga is more than an account manager. With a qualification in Communications -now- turned -marketer, she is responsible for implementing marketing strategies that help her clients increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers, basically solving problems. She finds new ways of creating amazing content that is useful and effective to grow her clients’ online brand.
Post by Taonga Kaonga

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