UX – Why a refined user experience is the true “new normal” for brands

July 31, 2020





COVID-19 (coronavirus pandemic) has irreversibly changed the way businesses interact in a rapid way. From walk-in business to online business, a great push is being seen to where everything is done on apps and websites, with services being marketed more online. While this is working for some brands, others are still struggling to pull through.

With the economic upheaval that the pandemic is wreaking, the majority of businesses are striving to ensure that their operations continue to run in some shape or form, while seeking ways to minimize losses by shifting to digital marketing and e-commerce.

Realizing that digital has now become an indispensable part of our lives, the importance of brands promoting their products and services through websites and apps that have a proper, user-friendly User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) that makes things easy for customers has never been more important.

In website building and development user interface (UI) is defined as a series of pages, screens, text entry fields, and visual elements such as icons and buttons that are designed to assist the user to interact with a platform or device while UX design refers to how users ‘flow’ through the website or app. [1]

These two aspects are very important for a website/app design. A well-designed interface speaks to users’ eyes, at the same time an informative and structured look and feel heightened user experience letting them spend more time on that particular website or app and most importantly, take actions. It is for these reasons that a well-designed UI/UX is integral for brand value and a business’s future.

At Giraffe Creatives, our in-house Web Devs possess the experience and agile processes required to thoroughly design and test your digital platforms thereby reducing risk by discovering technical and usability issues before product launch.

Our detailed quality assurance procedure ensures that any interface produced for a client is rigorously tested and ready for prime time.

A brand’s website and/or app needs to be good enough so that visitors can stay there, navigate and take actions. Not yet sold? Below mentioned are some of the benefits of a well-designed and done website/app user interface and user experience;

  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Conversion optimization
  • Reduced cost of support and maintenance
  • Increased average time of retention
  • A website with creative UI and UX can bring a lot of traffic to the site.
  • You will earn more profit on your investment through a good User interface and user experience.

Pandemic-proof your business by adding exceptional UI/UX to your communication and marketing mix today.



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Account Manager
Starting with Giraffe as a responder, sneaker-head Kaanga is now one of our account managers, contributing to enhancing brand awareness within the digital space as well as implementing and managing online marketing campaigns for his clients. He ensures companies are “seen” to grow sales. With his curious mind, he is obsessed with finding creative ways to grow brands.
Post by Kaanga Hanaite

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