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Boom is a national brand name in Zambia, specializing in washing detergent powders. The company has a strong market presence and brand loyalty, being one of the first local detergents made in Zambia.

TradeKings came to Giraffe looking for a video production to celebrate the brand and its values. The product was already so well-known in the market, there was no need for a product awareness campaign but the company still wanted something to differentiate the brand from competitors and rejuvenate the local brand loyalty it enjoyed.

The Giraffe team brainstormed around the idea of “buy Zambian for Zambia”, a phrase that not only encouraged Zambians to buy local to support local, but also to remind them of the brands roots and to bring people together at a time when Zambians were feeling largely divided.

What our team produced was a video showcasing and celebrating the different languages and tribes of Zambia, with visuals representing each region and the lyrics sung in the major languages of the Zambian people.

The song itself was developed from the original “Tiyende Pamodzi” (let’s go together) written by the first president of Zambia during independence, bringing a touching and familiar tone to the video.

The Giraffe team also incorporated other moments of national pride into the video, such as the cast singing at a football stadium, as this was a time just after Zambia had won the Africa Cup of Nations.

With national colors, diverse demographics and all ages represented, the video brought out the aspects that celebrate Zambia, its many tribes and people.

The results were better than expected, with the song having brought out a strong sense of national pride. Brand loyalty soared and since then the song has been played on the country’s Independence Day by the public in schools and at national events.


Client: TradeKings ZAMBIA

Work Undertaken: Production, Design

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